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You read about it every day.  A business is wiped out by earthquake or flood... a company loses key employees due to a shooting spree by a former employee... or a corporate data center is destroyed by fire and brings down a national network.  As a business owner, you probably sympathize but then realize that business insurance or government agencies like FEMA will be there to help.

 While business insurance benefits and government support offer financial assistance, will affected companies be able to continue doing business in the wake of such disaster?

 Would your business survive a significant disaster?  It should –  if you have an up-to-date Business Continuity Plan that includes a tested disaster recovery plan, provided all key people in your organization know how to use it. 

 What’s that?  You have such a plan?  On the shelf since 2001, you say?  In that case, you might only consider yourself safe if supply vendors, computers, employees and business processes are all exactly as they were back then. (Of course, that would likely mean that you have other business issues.)  You might ask yourself the following questions:

When was your business continuity plan (BCP) last updated?  In fact, have you designated someone to maintain it?

  • If so, how well is that working?

  • How do you know whether your BCP is “in shape“ and ready to see your business through a disaster, large or small?
Thursday, 19 May 2016 00:00