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Monday, 03 July 2017 05:55

Be a Savvy Social Media Vacationer

We would all agree that social media has changed our lives and the way we communicate. Many of us would be lost if we did not constantly have our phone handy to stay connected with family and friends. We share the details of special plans, check in to show where we are, and post pictures, video and details of what is going on. Our friends enjoy keeping up with us this way. But there can be a dark side to all this sharing – especially when we’re on vacation.

According to the Prince William County Virginia Police Department, burglars take full advantage of your use of social media to find out where you live, what you have, how long you are likely to be away from your property. They stalk their prey, learning which homes offer the most valuable contents and when it is best to break in. (See more about how burglars use social media in this infographic..)

You can be a savvy social media user and still avoid putting your home at risk while you’re on vacation with the following tips.

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