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AnnuitiesIf you’d like to see your investments grow and you’re planning for your future, annuities might be just right for you.   Here at the Ewing Hines & Associates Insurance Agency in Kensington, Maryland, we’re up to speed on the options and the guidelines of all types of annuities; and we can answer all your questions.

What is an Annuity?

Annuities are of various types; but, basically, an annuity is a tax-deferred investment option that offers a savings plan with guaranteed interest rates and which is not subject to annual deposit limits.

Categories of Annuities

Categories of annuities can be classified by the following:

Nature of the investment

  • Fixed – guaranteed to grow in value
  • Variable – growth or loss depends on investment performance (Note: This agency does not provide variable annuity products.)

Purpose – to accumulate funds or create income.

  • Deferred – defers payout for a specified time period
  • Immediate – begins payout almost immediately

Terms of Payout – based upon time period, amount or lifetime

  • Fixed Period – Annuity pays for a specified time period (e.g. 5 years)
  • Fixed Amount – Annuity pays up to an established amount.
  • Lifetime – Annuity pays for the remaining life of the annuitant. A guaranteed period can be established to avoid significant loss in the case of early death of the annuitant.

Tax Status – whether the annuity will fund a tax-favored retirement plan like IRA, 401(k), etc.

  • Qualified – used to invest and contribute money to a tax-favored retirement plan
  • Non-Qualified – purchased separately from a tax-favored retirement plan.

Premium Payment Arrangement

  • Single Premum – annuity is funded by a single substantial payment such as a rollover.
  • Flexible Premium – annuity is funded by a series of investments; payout intended to be deferred for a significant time to accumulate funds and experience investment growth.

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This agency does not provide variable annuities.

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